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MUST Read entire Description!!!!!!! *Use headphones*

This video is designed to increase running speed, Reflexes, and thinking.

  • Warning*

Someone told me that they went crazy after using this. So use at your own risk. Success is not guaranteed and there are many theoretical risk that have been associated with super speed Be careful. There's also a possibility that this may increase more metabolism which may quicken aging. I'm not even 50% sure about that actually happening but keep it in mind. By watching this vid, You accept that I do not take responsibility for anything that happens to you as result of this video. Use at your own possible risk Although, I'm not certain that there are any risk at all. Be cautious!! DO NOT USE THIS VIDEO EXCESSIVELY I REPEAT DO-FUCKING-NOT!!! Seeing as this increases running speed you might even start feeling exhausted after watching this. Again, What the hell do I know?

If something life-threatening happens to you, Tell me I'll remove the video as soon as possible. But, It's just a personal theory of mine.

Superspeed is the ability to move at incredibly high speeds:

Use this video no more than 1-3 times day for at least a week to a few months to get results. You may use this while training or meditating. Never use it while driving.

Commands used: You can control your perception of time you can easily control your moving speed you can move faster everyday you can run as fast as you want you have the ability to run at super speeds you are the master at super speed running everyday your running speed increases you intuitively know how to run at super speed super speed running comes naturally to you you know and understand superfast movements you are the master of super speed running you are in complete control when moving at super speeds your powerful body can handle moving at superspeed you are always safe when moving at superspeed you know and understand how to move at super speed your mind now perceives the secrets of running at superspeed you are conditioned to running at super speed everyday you can think faster your brain processing speed is increasing you can make lightning fast calculations you can think incredibly fast your mind is extremely fast you are quick-witted your intuition is lightning quick your reflexes are becoming faster your reflexes are super naturally quick you can naturally think quickly your reflexes are becoming faster your reflexes are super naturally quick your reflex speed is increasing you naturally have quick instincts your reflexes are superhuman

100% Credit for music goes to Razzie16's "Dream Traveler"

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